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What is this Checklist? 

Do you need help starting your podcast? Do you not know what kind of hardware and software is needed to start your show? 

The Bee Heard Checklist is a FREE cheatsheet that will assist you in starting up your podcast. Covering all the hardware and software you need to get started. 

When you start podcasting, there is alot of different options when it comes to equipment and getting everything setup! This guide lists out a bunch of different options, so you can choose one that is right for you! 

Don't waste time researching how to setup your podcast and what equipment is needed. I'll tell you what all the professionals are using. In fact, this might shock you.... but most professionals don't use paid programs when recording their show. 

In fact, most people use FREE software to record and edit their shows. In the Bee Heard Cheatsheet I will share with you exactly what your different options are! 

Who is This Guide For?

Are you an aspriing podcaster? Are you looking to get started in podcasting but have NO CLUE where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is online? Do you need help finding new recording software? Do you need help finding what equipment you need to get your show started? Do you know what software to use for editing your show? Do you know where you are going to host your podcast? Do you need help with what microphone to use? 

I can understand why you might feel overwhelmed. Let's face it! When starting a podcast, there is alot of information to take in and alot of decisions need to be made. 

The Bee Heard Checklist is a list to all these questions above. It's for the aspiring podcaster who needs help starting their show! It's for the person, who is not sure what kind of microphone to use. It's for the person who doesn't know which recording software is available. 

This checklist is for anyone who is looking to start a podcast and needs help with the initial setup! 

Why I Made This Cheat-Sheet

When I first started podcasting, I spent tens of hours doing research on everything I needed to start my show. I did research on different micophones, whether I needed a audio interface or mixer. I researched what software to use when recording shows. I researched different ways to integrate guests whether in person or via skype. I did an INCREDIBLE amount of research. 

All this research was good, but I spent more time research and learning how to setup my podcast compared to publishing the first three episodes. When I was conducting all this research, I searched for different resources that could give me a quick cheat-sheet of the hardware and software required, so I could focus on what truly mattered to me! 

That resource didn't exist.

Till now.

That's why I created the Bee Heard Checklist. I made this resource because it was some thing I wished I could have had when started podcasting. 

Thoughts When Starting A Podcast

About The Author

Matthew Ankerstein is the Author and Founder of a weekly Business Podcast Called Bee Influenced.  

Matthew has intereviewed multiple muli-millionaire business owners to discover what has transpired them into great success.  

Telling the stories of how these entrepreneurs became multi-millionaires by utilizing marketing strategies.  

Matthew Ankerstein is an expert in Online Marketing teaching bloggers, podcasters, and Amazon FBA Sellers, how to utilize; Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Podcasting and Social Media! 


Gavin Fedorak from Love Pizza
The Bee Influenced Cover
Cameron Dunbar from World Financial Group
Henok Kassaye A door to Door sales approach

When I first started The Bee Influenced Podcast, I never imagined about all the influential people I would have interviewed. I was happy to even get a couple of my entrepreneur friends to come onto the podcast, let alone interview people who have worked with entrepreneurs from Shark Tank! Interviewing crowdfunding expert Brandon T. Adams, who has worked with Keven Harrington from Shark Tank has been inspiring! In each one of these interviews with guests, I've learned some thing very unique about high performance individuauls. Individuals who have a high performance have what John Sonmez from Simple Programmer in episode 16 said "Trust In the Process" 

Putting "Trust In The Process" is not some thing very easy to do.

In fact, most people struggle with putting trust in the process and understand that everything is going to be okay. 

That is what this Bee Heard Cheat Sheet is all about. It's a document that gives you a list of resources needed to get started on your podcasting journey. It's a list of resources you will need to have when starting your podcast. This list breaks down the hardware and software needed when starting a podcast. It will also provide a variety of different options that you can investigate in order to make a decision that is right for you. 

For example, every podcaster has a different preference regarding recording software. My personal preference is Audacity, but some other podcasters may prefer to use Garage Band or even Adobe Audition. The Bee Heard Checklist will provide you with a list of different options that you can investigate regarding different hardware and software required when setting up your podcast. 

There is no reason why you should be spending tens if not hundreds of hours searching through different podcast hardware and software options. Why, research when you can get everything you need to know when getting started a podcast. 

Your time is worth some thing, so use it wisely. Download the Free Podcast Cheat Sheet to know everything you need for your podcasting journey and get started. This Cheat Sheet will help you get 1 step closer to your journey and help you get started in your career with podcasting! Download the Cheat Sheet by pressing the button below.


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Rick Harris took Matthew Ankersteins Podcast Coaching

"I was working with a mutual acquaintance on the creative side of developing my website. I was getting bogged down on the development and execution of my podcast show. I asked her if she knew someone who had a podcast show up and broadcasting. The person she thought of immediately was Matthew." --Rick H, Edmonton Canada 

I was struggling to find a FREE recording solution for my podcasts. In the Bee Heard Checklist I discovered about multiple options for recording podcasts, including AUDACITY, which is FREE! My Podcast is becoming a reality! Thank you Matthew- Courtney D, USA 

"This checklist made setting up my podcast SO EASY! I didn't waste time researching and looking for options, but rather just downloaded the options Matthew provided and decided which one I preferred. Thank You So much Matthew!" --Brad, Toronto Canada

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