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I will help you start a podcast with my 100% FREE Coaching Sessions! 

Do you Listen to Lewis Howes? Pat Flynn and the Smart Passive Income Podcast? Andy Frisella and the MFCEO Project? Grant Cardone Gary Vaynerchuk Tim Ferris

There are so many great podcasters out there but the one person we haven't heard yet is YOU! 

 Do you want to start a podcast, but have no where to start? Do you want to talk about Business, Health & Welless, Starwars, Pokemon, Cell Phones, Sports... etc. 

Matthew Ankerstein will help you find a niche, build a plan to make it possible, provide strategies to help you grow your podcast and talk ideas regarding making money! 

Matthew Ankerstein is the founder and producer of Bee Influenced, a weekly podcast interviewing successful entrepreneurs, business experts and social infleuncers. 

Matthew has helped others like yourself turn your ideas into a reality! 

Matthew will coach and help assist you to start, grow and monetize your podcast. 

You will recieve a total of 4 hours of coaching for FREE!

Now obviosuly, Matthew can't do this for everyone and will only be taking on 60 individuals! Sign up for this once in a life time opportunity to get FREE podcast coaching from Matthew Ankerstein.

Only Limited Time Offer Closes March 6 @ 12:00 a.m MST


What People Are Saying

Rick Harris

Rick Harris took Matthew Ankersteins Podcast Coaching

"Walking the talk is what originally Influenced me to sit down and learn from Matthew.  

I was working with a mutual acquaintance on the creative side of developing my website. I was getting bogged down on the development and execution of my podcast show. I asked her if she knew someone who had a podcast show up and broadcasting. The person she thought of immediately was Matthew.  

I reached out to Matthew and he was more than happy to meet to help me jump start my podcast. Wow; what a great resource Matthew has turned out to be.  

Matthew is a doer. He has a philosophy of getting off the bench and getting right into the game. Matthew is a quick study, learns from doing and can transfer these skills to others.  

I am closer now than I was a few weeks ago and can now see the launch of my podcast within my sights.  

If you are looking for hands on advice to get your podcast to market than hang out with Matthew. He has lived through the bump and grinds of launching a podcast show and each episode of his show “Bee Influenced” gets better and better.  

I know Matthew is reaching out to the community of listeners who want to get a podcast started; jump on the “Bee Influenced” podcast educational train and get the boast you need to become a podcaster. "

W Rick Harris REIA Investment Real Estate Consultant, Active Investor, Writer, Blogger and (Soon to Be Podcaster) @

 Vault to Real Estate Success Corporation  

How Much Does Podcast Consulting Cost?

Podcast consulting can range in price.

Some podcasters will create courses charging hundeds if not thousands of dollars to help you get started.

Some podcasters will charge you an hourly fee any where from $100 - $500/hour. YIKES!

But honnestly..... I think you and I can agree, that money is better served in your pocket! 

Whether you have aspirations to create a podcast, need help starting, or want to learn how to grow your podcast, Matthew will help you take it to the next level with 1 on 1 coaching. 

This is your opportunity to get professional advice on starting, growing and moneziting your podcast! 

Matthew Ankerstein the Founder of the Bee Influenced Podcast

What is Included?

When You Sign Up For the 1 on 1 Coaching with Matthew Ankerstein, you will recieve

  • A total of four hours of podcast coaching!
  • We will work together to set goals for the coaching sessions
  • You will recieve a fillable - report outlining the takeaways for each coaching session.
  • Information on the process of getting started podcasting
  • Strategies to help grow your podcast
  • Ask any questions or concerns regarding posting
  • Connections with other podcasters
  • Clarity on the strategic goals and vision for your podcast
  • Help you to discover a niche or focus for your podcast
  • Guide you through the process of uploding your first show
  • A Free Starting Your own Podcast Powerpoint (Upon Request)

All of this and much more for FREE!